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LOULE JULEPE is a superbly put together stallion bred by LOULE Argentina’s Elite Polo Breeders in Argentina. His sire, GETE Arbolito was 2º Price and Reserved Champion in Exposition Rural in Palermo.

His Grandma is GETE ARANDELA one of the best mothers in the breed of Gonzalo Tanoira. Arandela was played by Pablo Mac Donough and Santi Chavanne in Palermo Open.

Arandela is a daughter of La Araña and Pucará. Araña was the best mare of GETE and played Palermo Open by Gonza Tanoira.
Pucara is considered one of the best stallion in history. Father of PASTORA, LLANURA, YAPA, RUSITA, ARANDELA, JAZZ, XELENE, SIBERIA, LUNA LLENA yad superbly stallions such as GUINDADO, DURAZNO, ELLERSTINA PICARO, BOLCHE, MINERAL.

JULEPE has a fantastic temperament and incredible skills for polo.
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