Now you can

We train people in 60 minutes or less how to elevate their general emotional set point. We use leading techniques personally tested, tuned and perfected. They don’t just work, they revolutionise.
As the player feels good, his energy is positively transmitted to the horse (creating a feeling of calm and the animal then responding in a natural way instead of fear and stiffening up). The rider is then riding from FLOW. (all top athletes perform in flow).

Results after coaching:
• A significant increase in energy
• A feeling of lightness in the body and deep calm ( you may eliminate ALL joint stiffness and have that feather like feeling. Negative emotions express inside the body until released, positive express out.
• A feeling of joy and satisfaction daily and all the time!
• Elimination of fear worry doubt stress. (We teach players how to understand what these emotions are actually telling you and how to uplift).
• Improved relationships with all people in your polo team (as you increase energy, players respond positively to you on a sub conscious level)
• New opportunities comes into your life easily and without any effort. (You may buy that new horse you love ❤️)