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Polo Holiday

Come to learn and play polo in Argentina. Our tailor made intensive training program will improve your polo capabilities hugely. Both on and off the field you will be introduced to the polo game and how it is played in Argentina.

How a typical day looks like:

8:30 Authentic Argentina Breakfast with the Polo Team drinking our famous maté or coffee with home made specialties
9:30 Yoga or stretching exercise, preparation for the riding, private lesson or stick and ball
10:00 Polo Lesson with a professional instructor certified by AAP Argentina Polo Association
12:00 Stretching exercise after polo to relax muscles and get ready for lunch
13:00 Traditional food lunch, such as empanadas, asado or home made dishes cooked by our international chef.
14:00 Relax in the swimming-pool, Sauna, or the hammacks (additional: sport massage)
16:00 Four to Six chukkas according to the level of the players on our Tifway 419 Tifton Field specially designed and built by Battro for high goal handicap. “Alejandro Battro” is the most famous Argentine agricultural Engineer who had built and maintained more than 700 polo fields across the world.
19:00 After Polo with music; snacks and beer
20:30 Dinner

Ready for this intensive polo adventure?

Professional Polo and Grooming Camp in Argentina

We offer an alternative way of learning polo by being part of our grooming staff and playing with the pro’s. The professional coaching at Palo Alto Polo club offer expertise and experience to get your skills to the top. The coach, Léo Rossolini, is a professional polo player as well as AAP licensed polo instructor. He knows how to meet the requirements for a successful training session.

Perfect condition for professional grooming training.

  • 20 years of experience in hosting and coaching international grooms and polo clubs
  • Exclusive location close to Buenos Aires and the International Airport
  • Free availability to attempt best breeder’s polo horse auctions, high goal tournaments such as Palermo Open, Hurlingham, Tortugas and visit to the best Polo shops and mallet makers.
  • Polo Tifton field according to AAP standards built by Battro PF
  • Stick and ball field for schooling horses
  • Free access to our outdoor wooden horse to improve your hitting and technique.
  • Full access to swiningpool and sauna to muscles relaxation
  • House for grooms and students in site.
  • Free access for groom students to the club house for conferences and team meetings.

Palo Alto Polo Day

Always wanted to try polo? Or have a real Argentine horse experience? One day of polo can be just the thing for you! Have a lesson with our pro and learn how to hit the ball within no time.

Program :

9:00 Pick up from the hotel

10:00 Reception with homemade Argentine food, introducing to the horses and tour through the farm.

11:00 Polo lesson with a professional to fully immerse yourself into the sport and culture of polo.

1:00 Enjoy a delicious BBQ accompanied by Argentinian wine, relax with a swim in the pool or a countryside hammock.

4:00 You can play polo game in real time according your level or if you are not a ridder you can watch the pros and enjoy the game.

6:00 Afterpolo with drinks and snacks in the club house, enjoying the sundowner and the stunning views of the sunsets of the Pampas.

7:00 Drop off back to the hotel.



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