More about us

   Palo Alto polo club is a sport center that fulfils official AAP (Argentina Polo Association) standards. With special training zones such as Tifton field, training track, outdoor arena, adds extra space for technical and tactical training units, the perfect conditions for polo camps on an international level.

   The professional coaching at Palo Alto Polo club offers expertise and experience to get your skills at the top. The coach, Léo Rossolini, is a professional polo player as well as AAP licensed polo instructor. He knows how to meet the requirements for a successful training session.

  We are also a Polo Breeding operation, focusing on selecting the best bloodlines of mares and stallions to get the top performance polo ponies. Our Polo horses are master horses and will help you to improve your skills very quick. The horse program allows us to improve standards and performances of our ponies and to be part of the prolific polo breeding industry. The operation is leading by Léo Rossolini, the responsible for the bloodline selection plus the breaking and the making of the products resulting from the breeding. Our operation is entirely held in the facilities that Palo Alto Polo Club has in Argentina with enough land extension and pastures to cover the immediate needs of the horses. The care of our horses involves training support services, farriers, grooms, administrative organisations, feed and bedding suppliers.


We look forward to help you plan your polo holiday!  Please do contact us with your plans!

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