Toolbox to become an athlete with competitive-edge

Alto 1 Coaching program

We are delighted to announce our new complementary Alto 1 Coaching Program, an exclusive and first among polo ranches.

What is Alto 1 Coaching Program and what makes it different?

In the world of sport it has always been known both, mental and emotional intelligence give an athlete competitive edge. When you look closely the evolution of polo legends such as Cambiaso and La Dolfina you can clearly see the power of emotional connectivity

Alto 1 is a coaching 1 to 1 which analyses where you are, where are you possible blocked and how to release that instantly resulting in an immediate increase in success. If you are happy where you are it will also show you how to take that to a new level. It’s about seeing polo through a new lens and a lens most players are not aware of.

Here at Palo Alto Polo Club we love do things differently and we are always looking at new ways to expand your game.

Alto 1 Coaching program will give you truly leading-edge knowledge and a toolbox of skills you can access before or during the polo match.
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