Mini Polo Vacation in Paris May 2021

Dear Polo fellows, we will be visiting France the second half of May (if COVID restrictions allow us) playing Polo games outside Paris just 40 minutes from the city. Paris is a fantastic travel destination so we will combine it with polo games everyday.

#1 How many days should you plan for your Polo trip to Paris? We aim to do it for a week, if 6 or 7 days is too long for you, I suggest you to plan at least 4 days

#2 Accommodation: We will be in an apartment close to the E.Tower, you can choose your own hotel or airbnb. I’d recommend that you get an accommodation as central as possible so we will be close to each other’s places

#3 Polo: we will drive you every day to the club 40 minutes outside Paris. Afer Polo come back to the city to enjoy the Parisienne’s nights

#4 Gear: Bring your polo bootsand helmet plus protection gear such as knee pads or elbow padsContact us for more info and reserve your spot.

whatsapp 005491169874212 / info@paloaltopolo.com