Why You Should Watch the Triple Crown at Palo Alto Polo Club

Are you a polo fan? Ready for the Triple Crown? 

Due to COVID-19, polo will be playing with no spectators, that’s why we want to take the watching game experience to a whole new level. Come to play chukkers, stick and ball and have lessons in our club and after polo join us for the best snack and beer triple crown party. We will invite you to eat your favourite snacks and enjoy to live action uninterrupted.

Watching the game at your Polo Club could be a great experience, especially because you will watch it with lots of friends and players and we will host a BBQ afterwards. Nothing quite like watching Polo whit your fellow fans, cheering your team on and feeling like you are really part of the action. 

Triple crown start on November 1st so round up your crew and head to Palo Alto Polo Club to enjoy the best of the Argentine Polo.

Contact info@paloaltopolo.com