Palo Alto Polo in partnership with LOULE Argentina’s Elite Polo Breeders.

Palo Alto Polo Club is actively in the preparation to start the polo breeding program 2018. This week’s mares and stallions selection are part of the ongoing collaboration between Palo Alto Polo and its joint venture half British, half Argentinean Partner “LOULE”.  The Polo Club is happy to announce that was invited to partner with LOULE Breeders to establish a breeding operation in Argentina for a Polo breeding project.

The project will be the first of its kind for Palo Alto Polo and marks the first involvement with an overseas joint venture for horses and breeding. This new venture will help the Polo Club to improve standard and performance of their ponies and to be part of the prolific polo breeding industry in Argentina.

“The opening will includes the inaugural Polo Cup this September 12th and 13th . We are proud of our history in Polo and this year we will celebrate a renaissance of an old dream, the dream of breeding, that I had in 2005 when Palo Alto Polo Club was founded” said Mr Rossolini.

LOULE Argentina’s Elite Polo Breeders will be led by its Manager in Argentina Mr. Leo Rossolini whose is responsible for the bloodline selection plus the breaking and making of products resulting from the project. Mr. Rossolini is also responsible for the creation of Palo Alto Polo Club which is the exclusive partner of LOULE Breeders.

The project will be held entirely in the facilities that Palo Alto Polo Club has in Argentina with enough land extension and pastures to cover the immediate needs of the horses. It will also include facilities for all training support services, including farriers, grooms, administrative organisations, feed and bedding suppliers and transportation. Their breeding facility will be located in Villars, Town of Gral Las Heras in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina