Palo Alto Polo Approved & Certified by Argentine Polo Asoc.

Dear Polo Manager

We are pleased to confirm you that Palo Alto Polo Club has been approved as a Polo School and Training Center certified by the Argentine Polo Association, within the regulations of the AAP Training Program.

The AAP Training Program is focusing on improving skills for begginners players such us handicaped players as well.

  1. The Goal of this Homologation of Schools and Training Centers Program is to guarantee that at Palo Alto Polo Club all  players will receive classes and training according to the plan and methodology established by the AAP. This homologation is issued from the present 1.11.2019 until the 30.10.2020. We are currently processing the corresponding approval certificate in Spanish and English.  AAP is happy to work together with Palo Alto Polo Club with the mission of enlarging the player base, improving national and international competitiveness, expanding the offer and proposals for players, and training and promoting sports values.


Diego Uranga

Head of C.E.A.R.- AAP