Official Polo Calendar for the Argentine Triple Crown

Prepare to witness the world’s greatest polo tournaments every September to December. … Here you have dates confirmed so get ready to book your place at Palo Alto Polo Farm.  You will have the chance to watch The Argentine Open at the Polo Ground in Palermo – a venue known as “the cathedral of polo“. … the field, and the incredible accuracy of each shot, make for an unforgettable experience. … contact us to book now 🙂 www.paloaltopolo.com

126° Abierto Argentino de Polo HSBC: 16/11 to 14/12.

126° Abierto de Polo del Hurlingham Club 22/10 to 9/11.

Campeonato Abierto del Tortugas Country Club 8 to 19/10.

Xtreme Polo League 21/9 and 5/10.