Free cancellation policy for Polo Holiday

         Understandably, you are uncertain about booking your future Polo Holiday, this is why we considered switching our cancellation policy to a more flexible one. Knowing you have more flexibility to cancel your Polo trip will give you the confidence to move forward to the new reservation.

Let’s go over your polo trip option :

  • Our regular full polo week package price is USD$2800. Since Covid-19 made us discovering new ways of travelling, we’ve decided to support our guest offering a better week price of USD$1750.
  • We leave an open calendar for you to choose the best time to travel. You don’t need to tell us a precise date, you can move forward at the time that suit you best.
  • With our new free cancelation policy, in the case you cannot travel, you will get the total amount refunded.

Note : This promotion is valid until May 31st 2020.

We remain at your disposal for any question you wish to make contact to : info@paloaltopolo.com or WhatsApp : 0054 911 6987 4212