Polo Games, Lesson & Camps at Pittsburgh Area in USA

Polo traveling around the country, and indeed around the world, has certainly changed. Players from all around have contacted Palo Alto Polo last season seeking to come to Argentina and they saw their dreams frustrated because of the covid situation.  While the importance of creativity and innovation is not new, we think that it is very important to try new ideas to offer games and lesson. During the summer time June/ July/ August we will be open to receive players outside Pittsburgh area at the Northpointe Polo Club. Kate Dougerthy is the Farm owner and founder of the club. 

We will offer an intensive polo program that will include accommodation, food, polo lessons, polo games, working polo and optional fitness program. Our programs will help players at all level. 
This reflects our continuing efforts to keep polo at it best, in a cheerful, empathetic and friendly environment.

We know these covid times were crazy but we believe on a face-to-face interaction, we challenge you to be more outdoors, play more polo, train more and to become more active during this summer. Take advantage of this new resource, improve your personal performance, advance in your polo career,  make your polo goals real and learn strategy, rules and new techniques. 

You are all invited to participate in the Northpointe Polo community. Please contact us for more information and look for upcoming announcements