Outdoor exercise vs indoor

Hello, Polo Enthusiasts!

I recently came across an article on HealthDays News that I thought would be of interest to those considering playing polo and ready to get started. Here it is:

Exercising in natural settings — such as playing polo, for instance — could be more beneficial than working out indoors, a new review suggests.

However, access to public natural areas varies widely, meaning not everyone has the opportunity to exercise outdoors, the researchers noted.

“The research is clear: natural settings can be an effective venue for promoting physical activity,” said Jay Maddock, director of the Texas A&M University Center for Health & Nature. “People generally enjoy being outdoors, with parks, trails, and community gardens being the most popular venues.”

Currently, more than 3 out of 4 adults fail to meet the recommended weekly amount of physical activity in the United States, the researchers highlighted in their background notes.

Join us for polo and enjoy the benefits of outdoor experiences!