From September 1st, international flights to Argentina will be open again !

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, international flights were grounded in Argentina, there will be no flights until September 1st. However, from July a new agenda of flights to some of the main European capitals will be implemented. This will be for anyone who wants to travel, not only for citizens stranded abroad.

In addition to these flights, there will be four more: on 2 July to Tel Aviv, on 3 July to Rome and two flights to Miami, on 21 and 30 July. These trips will be for all citizens who wish to leave the country, who, when passing through immigration, will have to sign an acknowledgement by which they accept not to claim for assistance from the Government to return to Argentina.
Source: Pagina12

The good thing here is that from September 1st, all commercial flights will be open and borders as well. This means that polo players will be available to enter in/out to Argentina freely. Feel free to book your Polo Week or Polo Workshop any time from September onwards.

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